A Tripod kind of Summer

I have two very good friends who taught me valuable lessons summer of 2021. I took a picture with a toad, met random people at the beach who got weirder by the night. We went to the beach while lightning was streaking through the sky. Spent the whole summer adapting to all windows down which is actually way more fun.

There was one day when my friend Alfred wanted to retake his and Janice’s engagement photos. So, I got my tripod that holds cellphones with my little Bluetooth button. Okay, so I have never heard such a feminine sound. Like four people showed up. It’s a very Scenic Place. It’s a Pond with a dam and lots of flowers. You can imagine.

So I shouted when I couldn’t see where my tripod went “Where’s my Tripod!!” So very concerned, Alfred says “My Tripod. I think it came from his mouth. But it sounded like it came from Minnie Mouse. No not Mickey. Too masculine.

I also bought A Comfy from Costco. If you don’t know what it’s like to be wrapped in a Comfy you got to check it out. Alfred put the comfy on. I yelled, “Grandma!!”. And my friend Alfred shouted back “Grandma!!” We also danced to T-Pain that night. 100% Sober my friend Janice slid through my Livingroom. The most epic night I had in a year or more happened right in my Livingroom with Alfred in a giant oversized sweater. With the best dance moves.

There were days at the Beach I still smile about. We went by the water one day and found a surf board dug in the sand with a mean face on it. We ran down the shore taking pictures in motion. Played frisbee in the water. We went to this beach probably five times last summer. One time Alfred found a tiny yellow shovel floating to shore.

My friends taught me humility is the key to fun. You can’t worry your troubles away. They also taught me that love is the most important element in friendship along with trust and loyalty. They prove it in words and actions. The type of friends who become family are essential. Thank You for a fantastic summer.

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