The cure for Greasy hair is in the way you wash it

I have come to find that oily hair types are very common. And I hadn’t found the perfect way to wash it until this summer 2021.

Some would say you need to add moisture to your hair. Some would say use dry spray. I think of dry spray for super oily hair as smearing jelly on the counter. I swear it only works for an hour and then looks greasy again.

The best thing to do for the oily hair type is to first find a shampoo and conditioner that is ph balanced (clarifying). I have been using Herbal Essence Tea Tree shampoo and conditioner. Below I’ve posted a link to reviews for oily scalp.

I have found you must get your hair soaked before applying the shampoo. Then you want to massage the scalp with your finger tips gently to lather. Then continue massaging while running your hair under the water. The shampoo can be drying if you don’t use the conditioner properly. I have found leaving the conditioner on the tail for 5-7 minutes in the shower keeps the hair from getting dry or split ends. Then, after you have got the conditioner out it is best to run the cold water on the scalp to close up hair cuticles. This can slow oil production.

It is best to blow dry your hair every other shower. If you do it every time it may dry the hair out.

It is also a good Idea to use a boar bristle brush. What this will do is get the oil from the roots to the ends. This is something regular ball point brissle hair brushes won’t do. With that in mind it is also a good Idea to soak your hair brush in hot water before brushing it again to get oil off of it.

You never will want to use any shampoo and conditioner with oils like argon or anything that says it leaves your hair “silky smoothe” Below I left a link to an article on Doves website because I got many techniques from them.

This is fresh out of the shower after blow drying
This is after blow drying and using my beach wave tool ❤ I have posted the link to this styling tool below. Heats to 400°F for days when you are on the go.

Bed Head Wave Artist Ceramic Deep Hair Waver for Beachy Waves, Purple

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